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Why You Need Public Relations Firms: Acclaim Equals Money

In business, positive attention begets money. The job of a public relations firm is to attract favorable attention from clients, other businesses, the media, and the masses at large. Many small businesses may think public relations is only for bigger businesses. This is not true. Public relations are for businesses of any size that ultimately seek to educate the public in order to gain more revenue. In short, it is for all businesses.

What PR is
Many confuse public relations firms with marketing firms or advertising agencies. A public relations firm initiates, facilitates, and maintains relations with the media on behalf of your business. This entails issuing information in the form of a press release, pitching story ideas, and handling outsidersí perceptions of your business.

What a public relations firm can do
Good exposure means more attention, and more attention means more money for your business. Public relations firms look for ways to get your business and its members into the public eye. This means getting reporters to write articles, radio interviewers to host your members, and television show producers to ask your representatives to participate. It is not that public relations firms know of a secret formula that will make you instantly famous, it is that the process of working with the media takes time and consistency. Many smaller businesses do not have the proper resources to devote towards this important endeavor.

The advantages
Clearly, outsourcing affords your business the time and resources to devote towards other needs. By hiring a public relations firm, you are relieving your company of the work it takes to engage in public relationsí efforts, while they are handled by experienced professionals.

Are you on communicative terms with CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.? Most likely, you are not. It is nothing to be ashamed of, these revered sources coveted by all businesses. Established public relations firms work with many companies. Therefore, the chances are high that they have fostered communications with media outlets and formed relationships.

PR firms have multiple methods of knowing what the media is looking for before stories are orchestrated. Reporters often need immediate information fast. Public relations firms have the utilities to become informed and to communicate your information when it is needed.

What to look for
There are literally thousands of public relations firms. With the intelligence of communications, it is not necessary to use one in your immediate locale. So, how do you choose the right one for your business?

Consider the following:

- Talk to members of the firm. Do you get along well with them? In order for them to conduct public relations for your company effectively, they will need great communication from you.
- How practical is the firm? Be wary of firms that will promise you will make the cover of Time within the year. You have hopes and they have expectations, but make sure both parties are being realistic.
- How does the PR firm go about working with the media? The more creative they are, the more likely you will get into the press.
- Ask for samples of their work. Have they produced quality exposure for their past and current clients?
- What is the reach of their contacts? Do they have connections on the local, regional, and national scale?

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