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Be a Hit at the Trade Show

Trade shows offer you a chance to make a good impression on your industry and others. Impressions speak loudly. How are you planning to stand out? The following article provides tips and suggestions to be one of a kind at the show.

Be different
If the promoter is supplying the table covers, bring your own with your logo printed on it. This will ensure that your table stands out amongst the others.

Keep it clean
Occasionally clean your table throughout the show. Straighten papers, remove discarded items, and make sure all of your information is readily available.

Keep your display
Keep your display after the show to be exhibited in the office or lobby of your office building. The display can be augmented and used for the next trade show.

Use visual data
People like to see visual cues to supplement written information. Use bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and tables with your representation.

Be bright
Use bright colors and images in constructing your display. This will catch more eyes and increase the likelihood of more visits.

Trade shows are not all about your company. Plan time to listen to customers concerns and address their questions.

Take a tour
Be sure to look around at others’ displays to get ideas and to see what the competition is doing. Listen to their speakers and collect their information to be surveyed more closely later.

Sharing a booth with a non-competing vendor can cut expenses and bring a unique perspective to your display.

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