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How to be a Knockout at the Trade Shows

Think of your business as a fighter. It takes commitment, bravery, and a good record to be a great, notary boxer. Fighters train hard and well in order to compete against other boxers. They know that they will ultimately be compared to other fighters in relation to how they perform.

Tradeshows are like fights. It is a showdown between your company and its competitors. Are you ready for the challenge?

Consider the following:

What is your attraction?
People go to view fights based on the allure of the fighters – what they offer. Likewise, people will come to your tradeshow display based on what it has to offer. Many companies dispense literature, and other forget-me-nots in the hope that the customers will remember them amongst the scores of other companies.

You need to make an impression. Most likely, you have spent a lot of time on your tradeshow display and its contributing elements. Why not make a tape, a CD, or a Web site replicating the experience for the audience to experience multiple times? It may take some time to devote a Web site to the cause, but seeking a tape or CD replication service will not cost much.

The main lesson to be learned is to offer something different and memorable.

Give them a good fight
Referees often tell the fighters to “come out swinging” to remind them that people are there to see a good match. Tradeshow attendees want the same. They do not want to hear about how great your company is and how impressive your products and services are. Attendees want to know what is in the experience for them. Why should they listen to what you have to say when there is hundreds of other tradeshow displays to look upon?

Know what the attendees want before the tradeshow, and when it is show time, give it to them. They want you to serve them, and not listen to you toot your own horn.

Look the part
A crowd does not go to a fight to see an out-of-shape bum. They want to see a veritable contender. Your tradeshow display should look topnotch. Displays can be bought or rented from tradeshow display vendors.

If you are adding elements from past years with new material, then make sure graphics and photographs look up to par and appear consistent. Do not try to pass with second-rate material. It will be painfully obvious to onlookers and you when comparing your display to those of others at the show.

Hire a great trainer
Fighter cannot become great alone. They need the help of a team of stellar trainers. Do not hesitate to outsource for marketing consultants, advertising help, graphic design services, etc. You may not have the resources in-house to be a knockout at the show, but there are plenty of professional services to outsource. If money is an issue, then brainstorm and see what can be done by you and what services you can afford.

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