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How to Make an Impression at a Trade Show

Trade shows create an opportunity to network with those in your industry, make connections, and market your products and company. The following article illustrates different ideas and suggestions to make the best impression possible.

The packaging of your product is important in general, but especially at the trade shows where representatives of other companies may not be familiar with your company or product. The packaging needs to address the essential end questions of the purchaser. What will the product do for the customer? What are the primary benefits? How does it compare to the competition?

Special sales
Do not let others wait until they leave the show to make a purchase of a product. Make a special price available at the show to entice them to act immediately.

Sales representative
The cost of having a booth at a trade show could be expensive for a new company. Take part in the event via a sales representative. Have them visit different vendors and do some marketing for your business through conversation. There are many connections to be made at a show for amicable representatives eager to share information.

Large orders
Large orders are commonly made at trade shows. The bad news is that some buyers have a history of paying late or becoming completely negligible. The good news is that others in the industry will be present at the show and you can do some investigating as to how the intended buyers conduct their business relations.

Share information
If you can provide retailers insight in relation to how your product can be marketed, it would be both appreciated and prompt the retailer to buy from you in the future. Do everything possible to promote their own sale of your products.

Display information
Have integral information listed on your sample products. Make sure people are aware of codes, item numbers, color and size options, wholesale price, and minimum quantities of purchase. Having others know all of the possible options will present a larger opportunity to make sales.

Think ahead
There is usually up to a six-month lapse between a retailerís purchase of your goods at shows and their own display of the products to the public. Think ahead in terms of marketing your product to the retailers. For instance, if the show is in the summer, think about decorating or marketing your products in relation to the holiday season.

Shipping charges
Remember to include shipping costs when making sales at a trade show. Consider shipping and handling charges as well as packaging, overhead, and picking and packing.

Follow up
You may have products that are left over from the show. Try to sell them by following up with contacts made at the show. Offer the vendors a special sales price for acting in the next thirty days, a free gift with each order, etc. Make the call to action enticing for them to act immediately.

Related products
Incorporate related products in your trade shows. Have other items relate to your best selling items. This will promote more sales and better your chances of vendors wanting to see an array of your products.

Trade shows offer an excellent time to get feedback on your products. If there is a new product you have a few ideas about in relation to packaging, pricing, etc., the trade show is an excellent place to see how well the product relates to buyers. It presents an opportunity to get information without investing a lot of money on one decision.

Analyze the competition
Survey the weaknesses of your competitors. Strengthen your own skills in the areas they are lacking. Promote these strengths to the buyers. They will notice a difference between the competition and your company.

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