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Make Your Stay at the Trade Show Pay

Businesses partake in tradeshows because they are profitable in many ways. Tradeshows offer a platform to make connection, generate leads, and promote the tenacity of your brand.

Marketing and tradeshows are mutually inclusive. You will have to bring your best marketing tactics along with you to the show. It is not a precise science; some things will work for one business, yet fail for another.

Through observation and experience, we learn of general procedures that work and those that do not. Consider the following before your next tradeshow:

Your exhibit is an extension
Your tradeshow display is not an idle entity in and of itself. Your display is an extension of your existing efforts. Having a multitude of current efforts is find, but before the tradeshow, plan on how your exhibit will supplement one or more of them. You may be releasing a new line of products, looking to add another population to your target market, joining forces with another industry, etc.

Promote your presence
It is necessary to have a phenomenal tradeshow display, but you want to increase the chance that more people will have a chance to see it. This means promoting your presence well before the day of the show. Promote the show on your Web site, through direct mailers, place ads in newspapers, etc.

Do not rely on the tradeshow promoters. Most likely, they will send out material to engage goers, but you want to make sure your targeted population knows of your intended presence.

Make them excited to visit your booth
Provide visitors with an incentive to come by your booth. One of the major reasons people go to tradeshows is to see what is new, what will improve their business, what will save them time or money, etc. Be sure to integrate something alluring into your appearance. This may mean presenting an old product or service in a new or refreshing way.

Goers’ senses will get overloaded with information. You want them to remember your display, your company, and products/services, well after the show. Most likely, every booth will be offering some kind of literature as a giveaway. Make your giveaway more creative to make a better impact.

Make your giveaway work for you in two ways. Make it serve as a memento and make it work as a lead generator. Offer giveaways in exchange for people who supply their contact information.

Dare to be different
Many exhibitors will follow the same formula because it is a ‘safe’ decision. There is nothing wrong with being safe, but those that dare to be bold and different may find themselves stealing the show. Do some planning beforehand. See if there is a way to build upon the ‘cookie cutter’ formula that is the norm. The last thing you want to do is blend in with the rest of the exhibitors.

Take the time in constructing your display
Your tradeshow display is the main event of your presence at the show. Take your time in purchasing or renting from a tradeshow display vendor. Think of its shape, its color, etc. Remember, people learn well when more of their senses are incorporated into the experience.

What was it for anyway?
You did all of this planning, had representatives go to the show, bought a tradeshow display, offered a tremendous giveaway, made contacts and got leads, etc. What was it all for? You want to make sales! You need to follow up with the contacts and leads you generated from the experience. Do not lose the proverbial forest through the trees. Organize a well-developed process of following through with people you came into contact with during the tradeshow.

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