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CD DVD Duplication Services Provide Physical Media for Many Applications

CD DVD Duplication for Remote and Roaming Workers

For forest service workers, loggers, farmers, dairymen, fishermen, oil rig workers, geologists, archeologists and many others whose careers are conducted primarily outdoors or in rural areas, access to the Internet is not always available, or, if available, is not always fast enough to make accessing manuals, reference guides, and other documentation practical. An option for distributing documents to rural workers or roaming sales forces that call on these professionals is via CD, DVD, or memory sticks. So the need for CD DVD duplication services still exists despite the pervasiveness of the Internet.

CD DVD Duplication Used by Creative Artists

Another category of professionals who rely on CD DVD duplication services is creative artists. Many bands, photographers, and video producers now upload their creations to YouTube, Flikr and social networking sites to gain exposure. Yet they also distribute their creative content on physical media, usually at concerts or other events where the media can be sold or when it is pre-sold as is usually the case for wedding albums.

Other Uses for CD DVD Duplication

Not everyone wants to post family photos and videos to the Web, especially in the case of large archives of old materials. Many individuals prefer to have a service bureau or a retail store as CVS or Costco transfer content to physical media and then duplicate the discs to share with family and friends.

What to Look for in a CD DVD Duplication Service

  1. The first thing to notice when shopping for CD DVD duplication service is good customer service online. Begin by perusing Web sites. Those that provide the most information should be top candidates for further investigation. Plentiful Web content is a sign that a company wants to provide value. Look for information regarding minimum quantities, pricing, additional services, and turn around times.
  2. After identifying three to five top candidates, pick up the phone and see what the service is actually like. Is there a live person at the business location or must a message be left in a general mailbox? The phone experience is important because it is predictive of what will happen should an error in an order occur.
  3. Ask for and then check references. Be sure to explore areas such as timeliness of deliveries, quality of product, and problem resolution processes.

Remember, the best value does not always mean the lowest price, nor does the highest price necessarily mean the best service. A little time spent choosing a CD DVD duplication service can mean the difference between a shotgun wedding or a satisfying relationship.


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