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Comparing CD DVD Duplication and Replication

Successful businesses embrace technology and use it effectively. Advancements in science find their way into the business world and present opportunities to generate better service and products. Soon after their inception, CD DVD duplication and replication services were utilized by businesses for sales and marketing purposes.

The CD DVD industry employs either duplication or replication methods in order to produce more than one CD or DVD at a time. It is important to know the difference between DVD or CD replication and duplication in order for a business to find which process is best for a project. The following article offers information and tips regarding CD DVD duplication and replication.

The Difference Between Replication and Duplication
When information is put onto a blank CD or DVD, its referred to as duplication. Replication, on the other hand, is when information is added during the physical manufacturing of the disc. The finished products of both methods perform in the same way, but may appear different to the eye depending on whether screen or offset printing was used.

The Processes
CD DVD duplication is very similar to burning a CD on a computer. The duplication machine extracts information from the master CD and writes the data onto a blank disc. CD DVD duplication facilities can produce hundreds of CDs or DVDs at a time. Once all the data has been transferred and confirmed from the master copy, the duplication process is complete.

DVD and CD replication takes place during the disc manufacturing process, rather than copying information onto blank discs. When a DVD or CD replication service receives a master from a client, the master is meticulously evaluated for corruption and faults. The service then creates a glass copy of the master, allowing multiple, exact replicas of the original to be created.

Costs per unit for duplication services are higher than for replication services, but, when relatively few copies are desired, this is the way to go. Many duplication facilities are small, limiting their capabilities to duplicate in high volumes quickly. The CD DVD duplication process typically takes two to three business days to produce up to five thousand units. Some vendors offer digital color printing with no prepress charges.

Replicated CDs cost less per unit than duplicated discs because of the large numbers produced. Most facilities have a minimum order requirement of one thousand units. CD replication can take up to seven to ten business days to complete. This time can be longer if more than one-hundred thousand units are desired. Offset and screen printing can be performed by CD replication services. Many replication facilities can place discs into jewel cases, paper sleeves, or cardboard sleeves.


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