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How to Promote a Business with the Help of CD Replication

Untitled Document A business entices customers by finding new ways to market their goods and products. CD replication introduces a novel way to promote a business. CDs are capable of holding a great amount of information. In addition, CDs are small enough to distribute through the mail, at tradeshows, and in print publications.

The following article offers some suggestions to help businesses use CD duplication to promote their goods and services.

Research CD Replication
Conduct a cost-benefit analysis. The more information, including visual and sound, to be conveyed, the more cost-effective a CD can be. For example, a real estate office with high-end property to sell could invest in large brochures with amazing graphics and photos on heavy paper. Then add the cost for mailing--it gets prohibitive. Contrast that with a highly portable CD which holds enough data for a buyer to observe several homes as if he or she were walking through them personally.

Use good content for CD replication
Once the decision is made to use CDs for marketing purposes, it is necessary to plan for what content will be recorded. A CD is still a novel medium, and could inspire new ways to advertise goods and services. Marketing efforts should be directed toward creating additional visual / audio intrigue for the product.

Find the right platforms to promote the CDs
Creating a master copy and paying for CD replication services is not enough. Choosing the most appropriate platforms to sponsor the CDs is crucial. Consider the following options:
  • Give away CDs at an upcoming tradeshow
  • Offer CDs in a physical store
  • Leverage print advertising by having an entity host an ad with the CD
  • Include CDs in the packaging of particular products
  • Send CDs in the mail to current and potential customers
  • Learn from the success and failures of others
    Analyze competitors for marketing tips. Have others used CD replication as part of their marketing in the past? How well did the endeavor help their sales? Were there particular platforms that were successful? Many businesses learn how to take the next step by observing their competitors. Coke and Pepsi have done it for years, as well as large car manufactures such as Ford and GMC.

    Start small
    CD replication is a unique way to market a business, but it may not work for all industries or target markets. Start small by initiating a small campaign. Observe the return on investment. If a business observes that its CDs are making an impact on the decisions of consumers, then they can expand the campaign or use CD duplication again in the future.

    Work with the CD replication service
    A chosen CD replication service should have a good track record. It would be to talk with vendors to get ideas about what kind of content to include on the CD, where to promote them, and how to promote them.


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