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Postage Meters

Top Tips for Handling Business Postage Efficiently

Postage Meters

Does my company need Postage Meter services?

Postage can become an overlooked, yet expensive cost for businesses. Even a company that sends out a relatively small amount of mail can benefit from postage meter services. If your business is spending forty dollars or more on postage each month, then it would be wise to consider it. Think of the time and money saved by your company.

What are some of the facts involved with pricing for Postage Meter services?

  1. You cannot own a postage meter, but you can lease one. A basic meter may cost as little as $15 a month, or can cost up to $200 a month for more advance postage meters with various options.
  2. Most vendors will want you to sign at least a one-year contract with them. Postage costs will be uniform because they are set by the government and not the vendor, but a vendors lease price may rise due to high usage.
  3. It is important to discuss long-term pricing with your aspiring vendor.

What are some tips relating to working with a Postage Meter Service?

  1. Do not readily except pricing from your postage meter vendor. Some vendors will work a deal with you especially if your needs will be large.
  2. In addition to purchasing or leasing a scale from your postage meter service, you have to keep in mind it will need to be modified each time the government changes postage rates. You can pay a fixed yearly fee or purchase a digital scale that can update rate information through the Web.
  3. Do not assume all related items need to be purchase through your postage meter provider. Shop around at supply stores to see if your company can save money on specific items.

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