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Transcription Services: Better than Voice Recognition?

Is it vital to your business to have printed documentation? Do you feel like typing the information is taking away from time to devote to your business? If you answered, "yes" to these questions, then you are in need of transcription services.

A transcriber can work in a variety of fields and under a variety of circumstances. Some transcribers work in-house, some work on freelance terms, and some work for a transcription service. Transcription services are highly valued in business, and have become more prevalent in many industries.

To some, it may seem like an easy job, and if you are a fast and accurate typist, it is; but, the vital nature of the content does create an aura of stress. There is no room for making errors as a transcriptionist. Imagine if you were transcribing for a doctor and misrepresented a medicine! Being a transcriptionist is a very serious, meticulous, and deadline-driven job.

"The man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith, but by verification."

Different formats
Transcribers do business within a variety of industries. The following illustrates some formats that the transcriber would transcribe:

- Court tapes- the coverage of the court room hearings including testimonies.
- Interviews- dialogue between the interviewer and interviewee
- Board meetings/conferences- discussion of agendas and reactions
- Informal business discussions- impromptu business discussions for later reference
- Medical advisory groups- the medical profession has long been serviced by transcribers

"The test of science is predictability."

Transcribing vs. Voice automation
There was a time when it was thought that technologic advances of voice automation would make the services of transcribing go the way of obsolescence. This has not held true.

Voice recognition software is fallible due to many factors. Speaking clearly and distinctly is precedent but if you are in a noisy place, speaking in such a manner will not help. Having an accent may throw off the accuracy of the software and being under-the-weather will put you in worse circumstances.

Voice recognition is not accustomed to the particulars of human speech and does not filter out extraneous speech like, "umms" and "aahs" which a human transcriber will do. Voice recognition software also cannot decipher where some sentences begin and end and cannot separate sentences into paragraphs. Conference settings where more than one person may speak at any given time, is another source for inaccurate recording for the devices as well.

Most of those who have tried voice recognition have reverted back to using human transcription services. The filtering process is too meticulous and the content too critical to allow for as many errors as the voice recognition software may commit.

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