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Transcription Services FAQ

Do I need to outsource for transcription services?
That will be up to each business. Hiring someone in-house to be devoted towards transcription will increase overhead costs. Client volumes will rise and ebb, so it will be difficult to assess how many people need to be devoted to this task. The service needs to be done accurately, so outsourcing transcription services with experience will be a good move for most businesses.

How does the process work?
Professionals dictate their notes into a recording device or over the phone and qualified transcriptionists trained in terminology and procedures listen to the recordings and compose notes for later retrieval.

Once the notes are transcribed, how do I get them back?
Most providers will relay the information as Microsoft Word documents, PDF formats, or another requested format. They can be transferred via secure web site, FTP, custom software, or encrypted email.

Will the provider keep a running log of my data?
Most providers will work as a content management system keeping an online system. The system would include audio files and transcripts organized by date, professional, or client.

How long will it take for the process to be performed?
Most transcription services will offer a 24-48 turn time. Some services have STAT which can get information back within hours.

How will I be charged?
Most transcription services charge per line of text. Prices range from $.07 to $.20 a line. Obviously, most providers will drop the amount of price if they are receiving a high volume of business from you. STAT transcriptions cost more, but as stated, will be returned more quickly.

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