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CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Tips for using CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software

Why would I use CRM software?

Use CRM software to stay on top of client relationships. It would be impossible to keep each customer in immediate memory.

Use CRM software so all of your employees remain on the same page in regards to customers.

Use CRM software to get a frame of reference each time a customer calls.

What should I want in a CRM package?

Will the CRM software package work well with your existing applications?

Will you have the freedom to augment or lessen the CRM software package?

How long has the vendor offering the CRM software package been established?

What about continuous support from the vendor? How much will it cost?

Will my employees easily use the CRM software, or do I have to factor in the time and resources spent on training and learning?

Will my employees and I be able to access the CRM software when we are away from the office?

What sort of assessments can the CRM software generate?

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