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Small Business CRM Focuses Marketing Efforts

Simply stated, customer relationship management (CRM) practices bring purpose to small business growth. Top performers have exchanged hit-or-miss practices for the precision of customer-guided efforts. The result: increased surety in marketing and advertising campaigns coupled with optimized retention rates. CRM applications may become the rule of thumb as opposed to an optional luxury.

The 411 on Small Business CRM
Also known as sales force automation, customer relationship management gives a competitive edge to companies embracing this contemporary organizational strategy. Salesforce describes CRM as the process by which a small business manages customer relationships. At its core is purchasing data, collected automatically every time a customer communicates with the business. Heres a brief rundown on the various aspects of CRM application and why they are critical to survival:

  • Hard Drive to Web-based. CRM has evolved since the 1980s from a software application to web-based functionality
  • Undeniable Benefits. Include increased revenue, optimized profit cushion, higher retention rates and streamlined workflows
  • Customizable Applications. CRM software and Web-based solutions vary in scope and size to fit changing small business needs
  • Empowered Sales Force. Leads are automatically assigned based on predefined values, improving response times exponentially

CRM Application in Action
According to, corporate professionals find that customer relationship management is a big-picture method of thinking with salespeople and account managers in mind. The ability to break down complex processes into actionable duties means assigning projects to specialists within the business. When account executives are free to handle the work that they do best, performance and revenue are sure to spike.

With respect to reporting, CRM saves time and effort. Intuitive interfaces allow salespersons to spend more time courting potential customers and less time with mundane, yet paramount, data reporting. Increased communication at every level of the relationship allows all parties to spend the crux of their work day being productive.

Top Small Business CRM Titles
Shopping for customer relationship management solutions requires an in-depth look at company structure and future goals. Theres a litany of software products and web-based solutions on the market, and many small businesses that skip self-examination often learn through a painful, not to mention expensive, trial-and-error process. Just a small amount of research could end up paying dividends with respect to initiation and training.

SmallBizCRM, a clearance house for CRM application and concepts, lists the following web-based CRM solutions for small businesses across multiple industries:

  • InfusionSoft. A comprehensive, reliable Web-based solution features support for shopping cart, sales transactions, and robust auto-responder strategies
  • Prophet CRM. Perfect for small businesses that rely on Microsoft Outlook for communications between employees
  • CenterBase. Small business CRM function can be hosted on company servers if preferred; ideal for 10 to 15 user sites


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