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Small Businesses Act Big by Using the Right Phone Systems

Small businesses need to use every advantage at their disposal in order to compete with larger businesses. From marketing campaigns to phone systems, all tools and resources must be utilized effectively. The right phone system can help a small business conduct business like their larger counterparts. A phone system can make a big impact on a small business.

Acting as a Secretary
Smaller businesses may not have the immediate funds to hire a full-time secretary, yet it may need to function as if it did have one around the clock. Phone systems can be affixed with an auto-attendant function, so those calling are always greeted professionally. In addition, most systems present the option of a dial-by-name directory, so all employees can be reached.

As a Marketing Tool
A business can use a phone systemandNumber 8217;s advanced on-hold options to market their goods and services to those waiting to speak to a representative. Rather than hearing dead air or music, a caller can be informed of new products, upcoming promotions, or recent achievements made by a business. In addition, many times on-hold messages answer the questions that prompted the caller to initiate contact in the first place.

Saving Money
Many small businesses cringe when it comes time to purchase a phone system because they think it will cost a lot of money. This is not necessarily true. Many phone systems can work with existing lines and telephone equipment. Even upgrading can be a concern for a small business, but it may not cause much of a financial burden. Many phone systems can be upgraded without having to purchase an entirely new system, or expensive additional equipment.

Versatility and Efficiency
Larger business phone systems have many features because the business needs them. With the right phone system, a smaller company can conduct business in the same manner. Possible features include:

  • Changing call announcements for different times of the day
  • Call forwarding to a house line or cell phone when an employee is not in the office
  • Caller identification shows who is calling before picking up the receiver
  • Blocking outbound calls to expensive sources such as 900 numbers
  • Multiple ring tones for a business that has different facets stemming from one office

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