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Inform Your Customers with On-Hold Messages

On-Hold Recording strengthens your contact with the buyer
Are you taking advantage of every second of contact with your customers? Being mindful of every moment may seem a bit intense, but if you are not executing your time well, you can bet your competition is.

Your sales team works hard to educate customers on goods and products. Advertising campaigns seek to emulate your live sales force. On-hold messaging services contribute to these efforts.

On-hold marketing works for your company when your representatives cannot immediately address them. In the beginning, on-hold messaging was used to ‘occupy’ the consumer when placed on hold. Music was usually played to entertain; but companies saw an opportunity to ‘inform’ the customer.

On-hold messaging is now used to educate the consumer about your company and its products/services. This is an example of taking advantage of all moments of contact with the consumer.

What sort of information can on-hold messaging supply?
As aforementioned, on-hold messaging is optimized when the caller is informed. What kinds of information can you transmit with on-hold messaging?

-Broad information about your company
-Your Web site address
-News about upcoming events (sales, charity drive, etc.)
-Information about new products/services

Why would you need the assistance of an on-hold messaging vendor?
Like all concentrated services, on-hold recording services have expertise in their particular category. They can complement your efforts in regards to the copy of your message, the length, the tone of voice, the number of various messages in your on-hold library, etc.

Do not underestimate the idiosyncrasies of each service category. Voice talent is not something that is easy to come by – it takes experience and particular knowledge.

What sort of issues should I keep in mind when shopping for an on-hold messaging vendor?
Put some thought into how much you will utilize and need your on-hold recordings. Some companies may find it suffice to recycle a few messages a year. On the contrary, other companies may find it useful to update the on-hold messages regularly. Every company will be different. Speak with your on-hold advertising vendor and get their advice on the subject.

Nomenclature may vary between vendors. A ‘message’ to one service provider may be one minute while a ‘recording’ is four minutes to another. Do not make any assumptions. Make your on-hold marketing vendor spell it out for you.

Most on-hold vendors will let you listen to a demo. Obviously, all companies want to impress aspiring customers; so, it is most likely you will hear something enticing on their demo. If you are impressed with the demo, be sure you are getting the same quality in regards to your own on-hold messages. Think like a customer when coming up with ideas for content, length of time, life of each message, etc. You may be impressed with the work of your on-hold messaging vendor, but will your customers’ view be in accordance?

What is the vendor’s experience with working with companies in your industry? Certain vendors may specialize in working with companies of your nature. They may be the best choice for you.

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