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Make Making Sales a Priority

How important is making sales to your company? Are you satisfied with making one-time sales, or do you desire to make consumer purchases a habit? Do you differentiate your customers, or do you look at them all the same? Read the following information to help you think more in-depth about making sales.

Second sales
How is your company making sales? Businesses spend a lot of money, time, and energy attempting to make initial sales with customers. What about second sales? With the money spent on crafting first sales, you would think a business would be concerned to make the most out of the relationship. Many companies do not make a great deal of profit from initial sales. The time and resources which go into the venture makes returns on investment low. Businesses need to capitalize on their relationships with the consumers.

Second opportunities
Consider the following scenarios:

- Think of add-on purchases. A customer makes a call to your business planning on purchasing a $50 item. While listening to your on-hold messaging, they receive information about another item of interest. Instead of spending $50, they decide to spend $75. You just increased your sales with a single scenario.

- Repeat customers are highly valuable. Consider your business employing sweepstakes into your marketing scheme. A customer may initially come ‘on-board’ because of the sweepstakes, but inadvertently become interested in other products and services. They now have the potential of being a long-time customer.

- Word-of-mouth marketing is great because it sings your company’s praises and it is free. How much effort are you giving towards public relations? Engaging in public relations efforts will attract more acclaim and more attention. Information about your company may not initially reach your target market; yet, word-of-mouth marketing works wonders.

- How effective is your customer service? Along with great products and services, people want great service. Consider your business hires a business consultant to work with your sales staff regarding customer service. Customer service becomes so phenomenal, existing customers start to refer your company to friends, coworkers, etc.

Making the most of the kind of customer
- New customers should excite you. Your sales team should be trained not to become immediately thirsty to sell them something. Obviously, they are in your store, called you, or browsed your Web site because they are interested in something you have to offer. Get information about them. The more information you have, the better you can tailor your services to their needs and wants. Do not be satisfied with making a sale; think about the potential for making future sales.

- Do not sleep on current customers. Do not be satisfied or take them for granted. There is plenty of competition out there, and it doesn’t take much for them to disengage from your products and services. Present them with rewards for being your customers with special deals and notification of sales.

- Past customers need to come back. Find out why they are no longer a customer, and remedy the situation. Remember aforementioned word-of-mouth marketing? It can also have a negative impact. Past customers who left unsatisfied can tell existing and potential customers about their bad experiences. Make sure there is no such thing as a past customer.

- Prospective customers should always be a project in-the-making until the entire population of the world is your customer. Do continuous research on your target markets in order to learn the best methods for attracting and approaching prospective customers.

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