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How to Teleconference: Call Tips

- Think of overall goals, expectations, and timing
- Teleconference will warrant more time than a face to face meeting in order to accomplish agendas
- Think about the number of agendas in relation with the number of participants (if everyone is providing input, then there may not be time for many points of discussion)
- Designate some roles before the call takes place (timekeeper, leader, task keeper etc.)
- Have all participants review the goals before the call

Set up
- Ponder whether the telephone is the best source for completing this particular task
- Make sure all participants have all others' numbers
- Make arrangements for the hearing impaired
- Make a backup plan in the case of power failure
- If there is an overall leader, make sure there is a backup person in mind to carry on the responsibility in case of emergency

- Make sure that everyone is available and for what amount of time
- See if there is a difference in time zones
- Send any relevant paperwork well in advance to all participants

- Make sure the call is conducted from a quiet location
- Put cell phones on mute or vibrate during the call
- Use quality headsets
- Announce if you are leaving momentarily and returning
- Speak clearly
- Be enthusiastic through tone of voice
- Vary inflection of speech

- Use multiple speakers to avoid sense of redundancy
- Use interactive activities
- Have someone keep a log of who talks so no one monopolizes nor remains reticent
- Use people's names
- Do not get off topic
- Make sure everyone participates on each topic
- Repeat key issues
- Use online tools to supplement the call
- Stop and ask for feedback

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