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Tips on Video Conferencing

Technology has always had a place in business. Bigger businesses enjoy cutting-edge technology because it makes the business run more efficiently. The global economy has prompted companies to use the latest in technology to communicate with prospective partners around the world. Smaller businesses are not an exception.

Many smaller companies engage in video conferencing to conduct business-to-business affairs. The following article was composed to give video conferencing participants tips on proper etiquette during the process.

Consider the following suggestions

Have a meeting before the conference
A meeting before a meeting may seem extraneous, but it is just a precautionary measure to ensure you are getting the most value out of the video conference.

There should be a general awareness of the topics to be addressed. If several people from your company are participating, then elect particular members that are best suited to answer questions of a particular genre.

In addition, make sure everyone has an understanding of what constitutes proper etiquette during the video conference. You want to make a good impression on the members of the other business.

All members in view of the camera
Video conferencing equipment offer several cameras depending on the number of the participants. Notice how news anchors are situated in the view of the camera. Their chest and up envelopes most of the camera’s view, while leaving some space outside of both elbows and above their head.

Avoid leaving superfluous room that may be taken up by sundry items such as tables and chairs. Participants will want a good view of the person they are speaking with.

Dress for the camera
First, it should be obvious to dress appropriately as you would for any face-to-face contact with potential partners and associates.

Secondly, with video conferencing you must think about what hues and background will work well with the camera.

Extreme (as in black and white) and intense colors (such as red and deep purple) should be avoided.

Likewise, stay away from bold or complex patterns because they will not appear well on screen.

Jewelry is also a factor to consider. Anything too eccentric may take attention away, and the glimmer of some accessories will also impact the camera view and participant’s attention.

Try to wear neutral or light colors. It is suggested that women apply cosmetics in a modest fashion.

Your appearance will appear crisp on screen if the background is darker than your clothing.

Addressing audio
We have stressed how important it is to see others during a video conference, but it is also important to ensure everyone is heard. Before you engage in the intended content of the conference, make sure all participants conduct a brief sound test.

Any sound such as papers or side conversations will be distracting to the video conference as a whole. The easiest way to eliminate this is to place yourself on mute when you are not talking. This ensures all noise besides the speaker’s voice is eradicated.

There is a delay in receiving speech with video conferencing equipment. Make a mental note to leave a slight pause after each point mentioned as to leave others time to respond.

Be a good attendant
Anyone who has spoken in public would agree – certain attendant’s actions can be distracting such as sudden body movements, facial expressions, side conversations, etc. It will make a poor impression on you specifically, and your company as a whole if you’re being a distraction during a video conference. It is not always easy to speak in front of others. Some perform better than most, but it should be a necessity to give all participants the respect they deserve.

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