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Tips for Web Conferencing

Are you exercising the option of Web conferencing? Many businesses have realized the opportunities available in using Internet technology to make the most of communication between employees, customers, prospects, etc. Web conferences are used for seminars, training, presentations, press conference, etc.

A Web conference combines the effectiveness of a live meeting with the cost-efficiency of a conference call. Are you looking to start Web conferencing or looking to procure your methods? Read the following article to gather tips and suggestions on Web conferencing.

Time is of the essence
Keep the conference under an hour. If you need more time to convey information, then segment the conferences. A long-running conference will become laborious no matter how useful or integral the topic. Make sure to include time to interact with the audience. Address their questions and concerns.

Start slow
There are many options to employ in Web conferencing. Give yourself time to become familiarized with the process. Learn the basic controls such as slide control, polling, and messaging. Once you feel more comfortable, then you can graduate to more advanced features such as streaming video, whiteboarding, and application sharing.

Think about your presentation beforehand. What knowledge do you want to convey? What do you want your audience to get out of the experience? Make the most of your time with your audience. Provide them with valuable information and gather critical feedback from them.

Employ Web pages that will be able to monitor a problem with a participant’s computer. This way, you and the participants will know of any issues beforehand.

Incorporate the phone
You can use Web conferencing in conjunction with teleconferencing. teleconferencing can supply the audio portion of the program, while the Web portion can relay the visual stimuli. Once people become more accustomed with all of the elements of the Web conference, the teleconference element can be eliminated.

Do not get too advanced with the slides. Orchestrate them with simple designs and colors. Stay away from full-screen photos. Think about the audience and their level of captivation; you want your screens to load quickly.

Check all systems
Test the “links” that participants will receive and the phone numbers. All too often, these “basic” aspects are not checked and the Web conference does not take place for some.

See both sides
The day of the Web conference, set up two computers. One for you as the presenter, and another one to give you a view as a participant; this will give you a better idea of how well the Web conference is going. You will be able to see the formatting and presentation from the participant’s perspective.

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