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Use YouTube as an Online Marketing Tool

Do you want to make the most of your company's commercials? Have you considered posting them on YouTube? Read the following information to learn why the answer to the question needs to be "yes."

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The parameters of online marketing are broadening. Banner, pay-per-click ads, and the like are not the only options for a business looking to impress browsers. Many businesses are leveraging social sites and other forms of available online resources. YouTube, in its short existence, has made a large impact on the online community. It enables users to publish clips of themselves that are indexed according to keywords, which is very similar to how search engines such as Google work.

Has your company made a commercial? Commercials are another way to get your company’s message delivered to the masses. Often, you will have a limited time span in which your commercial runs. What happens after that? Put your business’ invested time and money to better use. Submit your commercial to YouTube. Consider the following information.

It is already done
Your company has already invested the time and resources to produce your commercial. The difficult stages are behind you. Rather than retire your commercial as something of the past, let it live on through YouTube. It will cost your business no extra money, and you can still reap the benefits of bringing in new customers that view the commercial.

More options
Initially, your company made a commercial with the intentions of alerting current customers of information or introducing your business to potential customers. Having your commercial present on YouTube presents a couple more options.

You can never completely control when your commercial will run on television, but on the Web, your commercial stays static. You can direct current customers to view your commercial through email, newsletters, and customer service calls. This ensures more of your target market view your commercial’s content.

Most times, your commercial will only run locally. YouTube content can be viewed by anyone with a computer anywhere in the world. This means there is more opportunities to find new customers.

Do not ignore the public relations potential akin to your commercial’s presence on YouTube. You can track how many views your commercial has accrued and write a press release when you reach a milestone. In addition, using multiple avenues for advertising poses you as an experienced business regarding online marketing. There are always reporters and editors looking for experts that can provide insight and feedback on such business topics.

Getting the most out of your resources
Some might be thinking they can just post the article on their own site after the television run is over. That is a great idea, but your site’s bandwidth will be taken up with a plethora of videos making the user’s experience more languid than usual. By posting your commercial on YouTube, you can save your bandwidth.

Place a link or imbed the YouTube version into your own site. This way, YouTube bandwidth will be used to view the commercial rather than yours. You can have an unlimited amount of links without having to worry about getting more bandwidth and impeding browser navigation of your site.

Don’t stop
Why stop at one commercial? Once browsers become familiar with your company’s presence on YouTube, they will come to expect more. Each commercial can be uploaded to YouTube creating the ability of hosting an ad campaign on YouTube.

From an SEO perspective, the more keywords involved in your commercials, the more likely browsers searching for those words will stumble upon your commercial. The marketing possibilities are tremendous; your company has nothing to lose and more customers to gain.

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